2015 Entertainment List – Highland Renaissance Festival

2015 Entertainment – 10th Annual Highland Renaissance Festival

RoundTable Productions – Joust Troup

Drunk & Sailor

Pickled Brothers

Minstrel Woode

Once Upon a Dragon Time


Suds & Buds Washer Wench

Stuart Sisk

Fool Hearty

Nuttin But Mud

Rusty Mudd

Saxon Moon

The Great Rondini – Escape Artist

The Faewood Faemily – Fairy Guild

The Briarwood Players – Cast

The Gaelic Gambol – Dance Guild

Clan Balaur – Gypsy Guild

The Minions of Mischief

Brotherhood of Steel – First 2 Weekends

Iris & Rose – Last 4 Weekends Only

Tartanic – Last 2 Weeknds Only

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Daily Schedule will be available in May