Faeries of Briarwood!

Welcome for the first year the “Faewood FaeMily”! This is the first faerie troupe to come and find their home in the sleepy woods of the town of Briarwood. Take a walk through Faewood Grove and meet the fae. Our merry troupe of tree faeries includes Oakley the Faerie, Twingle the Silver Birch Faerie, Rowan the Faerie and Avaren the Hazel Faerie. Also Nixie the Thistle Faerie, Lady Violet the Faerie Godmother, Raven Zarovich the Gypsy Storyteller and Ezarauck the Dragon Wizard have joined our troupe to help us celebrate the 7th annual Kentucky Renaissance Festival.


For more info contact Oakley Birdbloosm oakleythefaerie@gmail.com